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WM Media was founded in 2006. From the very beginning, we have been providing professional corporate event organization services with special quality assurance. We intended to have all projects completed personally by the founders of WM Media – Wojtek Męczyński and Michał Zdrojewski.

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Graphic designer drawing sketches logo design. The concept of a new brand. Professional creative occupation with idea.

Although today, when organizing conferences and galas, as well as during the production of corporate films or creating tailor-made multimedia presentations, we have a whole team of experienced co-workers behind us, we are still the ones who play first fiddle.


WM Media is our creation. For 15 years, we have organized more than 100 events of various forms. At the same time, we’re gaining momentum in the field of animations and corporate film production, as well as creating multimedia presentations. Michał develops concepts and transfers them onto paper, while Wojtek executes and directs. We take care of every, even the tiniest, detail.


For many years in our previous professional lives, we were designing and implementing PR strategies for the largest corporations. Today such an experience is another one of our advantages. Not only does it help us create perfect events, but also supports our clients with expert advice on public appearances, presentation preparation, and choices of media, such as a tailor-made film or a surprising live performance.




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Creatively to the goal

Unconventional solutions reinforce the message and inflame emotions.

New technologies

We keep our finger on the pulse so that we can deliver what was not there before.

Reliable logistics

The idea is the foundation, but it still needs to be realized. Reliably.

Observing deadlines

We work with a schedule in hand. A short deadline is no problem.

Knowledge and experience

20 years at top speed. We immediately understand what you need and we can provide it


A corporate event is an important and effective communication tool. There is always a specific purpose behind it. Creating the brand’s image, presenting new strategies, and motivating the sales force requires creativity, experience in planning, and attention to every detail. For 15 years, we have been bringing amazing events to life. Starting from an original idea, through precise logistics and a state-of-the-art setting, right to unforgettable emotions in the grand finale. Simply speaking, from A to Z.

A 20th-anniversary gala or a prestigious award ceremony requires the appropriate setting, intuition, and attention to every detail. We have successfully realized several dozen unforgettable ceremonies in various formats. Clients who trusted WM Media continue to work with us over the years or even decades. It is the best recommendation.

We are unique filmmakers because we combine professional film production knowledge with many years of experience in PR and corporate customer service. When executing film projects, we use state-of-the-art image capture equipment and our own editing studio. We draft scripts and graphic design, and we shoot the final material and deliver it on time, ready for broadcasting at a conference, trade show, or online.

Summarizing your achievements, announcing goals for the next year, or sending out a motivational message on a new sales force competition must ring out from the stage with full force. A multimedia presentation should provide effective support to make the message understood and remembered. We can turn traditional PowerPoint slides into a dynamic animation in any format. Modern graphic solutions, panoramic sales growth charts, 3D animation – we’ve mastered it all.

The actual message is the most important, but its graphic design grants it additional power. We believe in the power of the brand. An original logo, a motto, and a coherent graphic design are the hallmark of sales department conferences, award ceremonies, anniversary galas we organize or corporate films we produce for any occasion.

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